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iPhone gets better


After just over a month with my iPhone 3G I am becoming increasingly satisfied and delighed. After years of struggling with Windows Mobile phones and PDAs, the iPhone is a revelation. About my only real criticism is the inability to run more than one application at one time (with the exception of iTunes, which runs happily in the background). Since some applications such as OmniFocus take frustratingly long to load, workflow isn't as smooth as it could be.

I also agree with most other users who cannot understand the reason for the lack of cut and paste. All computers and PDAs as far back as I can remember have had cut and paste, and the absence on the iPhone is all the more surprising.

But everything else is brilliant. The Apps Store on iTunes works well and is an altogether better way of buying mobile software. There are mo licence keys or registration details to remember and downloads, either to the phone or desktop, are quick.

For a Mac user the iPhone is a perfect companion and I suspect it will be responsible for encouraging more and more Windows users to switch.


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