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The new Cinema 24in Cinema display arrived at the nerve centre and is now resplendently established next to my MacBook Pro. It's taken the best part of two months to get the two together, despite ordering them on the same day. But it's worth it. I now have an identical set-up to that demonstrated in Apple Stores worldwide for the past three months. My MB Pro sits on the excellent Griffin Elevator stand which raises the computer to just the right height to sit alongside the Cinema Display. The new LED display is brighter than my previous 20in unit and makes full use of the 1920×1200 resolution (compared with 1440×900 on the adjacent Pro). The whole set-up is amazing and I'm enjoying moving windows around the two displays. I'm using the larger screen as the workbench and "parking" other windows on the Pro's screen. This is ideal for keeping an eye on the progress of backups, the state of the Mail window or other less-used apps. A bit plus point of the new LED display is the simple single cable which serves the magsafe power, USB and display sockets on the left-hand side of the computer. This makes for efficient and sightly cable management; it also leaves the standard power unit as a spare for travelling. You can leave it in the bag so you don't forget it. It's the nearest we've had to a true docking station for the MacBook line and, so far, it is an ideal arrangement for me. Elevator_2


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