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Cool knees up


Laptops, even the MacBook Air, get hot. Resting one on the knees can be an unpleasant experience and, of course, the lack of air circulation can only make matters worse for the computer's innards. So it was with high expectations that I decided to try the rather wacky-looking Targus Chill Mat for Mac. It's a lightweight knee-top desk containing twin fans which are powered from any USB port. 

The verdict is that it works better than I could have imagined. It is comfortable, quiet and ideal for anyone who does a lot of knee-top computer work. I suspect it is also the thing for those who just have to have a laptop in bed with them. Nothing gets the temperature up like a laptop resting on a pile of blankets.

Apart from the obvious cooling, and the nice waft of cooled air over the lap, the device acts as a solid desktop and makes working on the computer so much easier and more pleasant. For sitting in front of the television and doing the odd bit of browsing it takes some beating. It sells for about £21 on Amazon UK and is worth every penny.


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