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Apple Phone: They’ll never do it!


When I first switched to Mac in 2005 I was still struggling with my Windows Mobile Treo and I soon discovered synchronization of data would be a problem. Even with the assistance of the excellent Missing Sync For Mac package, I was never happy with the Windows Mobile/Mac combination. 

Ipyl_town1_20090120 I remember starting a thread on an Apple forum about the possibility of a Mac Phone and PDA. I was shot down in flames by the old-hand Macistas. "Why would Apple want to make a phone?", "it will never happen" or "they tried the Newton and they'll never make a PDA again." So here we are four years later and the iPhone has been a stonking success. It is no exaggeration to say that the iPhone has revolutionized the smartphone and set a standard that everyone else is scrambling to equal. 

The App Store with its 30,000 applications and one billion downloads is just so far ahead that it is difficult to imagine BlackBerry, Treo, Android and the rest ever catching up. All are starting copy-cat application stores. The iPhone is certainly not perfect, and this summer's version 3.0 software will still not eliminate all the quirks. But it works and it has gathered a fanatical following. Important for Apple, too, is that many users are also PC devotees and their first experience of Apple with the iPhone will inevitably lead to more MacConverts.


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