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Piel Frama: Ideal case for iPhone?



By Michael Evans

THERE ARE almost as many different cases for the iPhone as there are phones out there on the market. I've tried a number and all have their pros and cons. Important for me, though, is protection of the screen. I don't want to rely on the applied screen protectors (excellent though they are) because they are not man enough for direct glass-breaking knocks. In my opinion you need something solid to keep the screen safe. I also like something that is tactile and pleasing to the eye, something that complements the intrinsic quality of the phone itself. 

Up to now I hadn't considered a wallet-style leather case, although I was a devotee of this configuration in my Palm Treo days. I still have several old ones sitting in a drawer. The best of these, in my view, are the very high-quality leather cases from Piel Frama in Spain. I was never disappointed with them and now that I see they have an iPhone version I thought I'd try one. 

They're not cheap: €70 for an iPhone case is steep by any standards. But the quality matches, and that price does include international shipping. The service isn't bad, either. On June 30 I placed an order for a black case after corresponding with the factory in Spain. Estafania Lopez emailed to say that the model is so successful that it was out of stock; delivery was estimated as July 10.  However, it seems that stocks arrived as soon as she pressed the send button. On July 1, the following day, TNT delivered my case. The 3G is all snuggled up inside as I write and I am delighted with the quality and appearance. 

As usual with Piel Frama cases, the inside is lined in a soft tan leather and the magnetic closure is neat and effective (they also do a flap press-stud closure if you don't want the magnetic). There are three inside pockets for credit cards and notes, but I don't like to add to the bulk of the phone so will probably not make use of them. 

Have I now found the perfect iPhone case? Watch this space. 


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