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MiFi update–now a 100% best buy


By Michael Evans

TWO WEEKS on and I am mightily impressed by the little MiFi mobile hotspot. Just switch it on and it logs on automatically to the 3G server and provides a strong personal wifi system. Macs and iPhones connect easily and there is absolutely no hassle. Using the MiFi is definitely easier and more transparent than connecting a USB dongle modem. Moreover, up to five devices, including your MacBook and your iPhone, can connect simultaneously. There is also a very comprehensive monitoring utility (accessed via Safari) to tell you all the usage statistics you would ever need (and, as any 3G user will testify, it's crucially important to know when you are nearing the monthly data ceiling). I cannot recommend this Novatel product more highly. My only recommendation for improvement is to use two different 3G networks–one in your iPhone, the other in your MiFi. This gives you two chances of a good signal if you are in a poor reception area. If you use the same provider for both iPhone and MiFi you have no such advantage. 


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