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Speedy Mac gives quick access to folders, apps and data


Speedy_mac_screenEvery so often a little program comes along to make life so much easier. One such is Speedy Mac from Altomac. This little utility sits on the OS X menu bar and provides direct access to files, folders and applications through a simple menu list. It is so much easier and more convenient that using Finder or, even, starting a program from the dock. 

In Speed Mac preferences you can add frequently used files or folders, favourite or often-used applications. You can list preferred web sites, if you wish, but the main charm of Speedy Mac is in opening frequently used data. 

It doesn't do anything that you can't do yourself in a few steps, but the beauty of it is that there is only one step in every case. And you don't have to search. It even remembers and lists recent applications and files.

I started using Speedy Mac last month after reading a MacWorld article and I'm completely sold on its benefits. This one is definitely worth a try.


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