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Sydney Apple Store: Full of promise, lacking depth


Now don't get me wrong. I don't seek to emulate the guy who claims to have visited every Starbuck's in the world. But I do like to visit an Apple Store whenever one comes on my radar. My in-built GPS system never permits me to walk within 500 meters of an Apple Store without being drawn in. I have to say that most stores are pretty boring Mall units and you could be anywhere in the world once you're inside. But there are gems, such as the flagship London Regent Street store. With its period facade, perfectly complementing the famous shopping street, the store has an ultra-modern interior and the stunning glass central staircase creates an aura of expectation in the new visitor.

So it was that my first walk round Sydney's city centre took in the iPhone store at the corner of George Street and King Street. I'd seen many pictures and was expecting a wonderful experience.

It looks stunning and modern from the outside, with three floors of glass-fronted promise. However, I have to say that the inside, which is very shallow and quite small, is a disappointment, despite the three floors. The imposing glass staircases linking the floors are all hidden behind the long and narrow display areas.

At least my disappointment was assuaged by finding new Magic Mouse which I'd failed to get in London last week. It was up and running within seconds, after I'd downloaded the mouse software update. Very interesting to note that the A$99 price tag equates almost exactly to the £55 price in the UK. This is probably more good luck than good management.

I'll report more on the practicalities of the new rodent later.


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