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Mac repairs in London: somewhere to go when you’re stuck


What do you do when you have a problem and your Apple Care has run out; or when you have a very old Mac that couldn't stand a big repair bill? You look for an inexpensive Mac workshop, the computer equivalent of the non-franchise car shop. You don't usually take a 10-year-old Porsche to a franchised dealer if you value your bank balance.

So I was delighted to stumble upon MicroMend, a small store in Tottenham Street, just of tech-Mecca Tottenham Court Road in central London (020-7636 6667). Here labours Russell Godfrey, in some disarray, and a very obliging gent he is too. I phoned for advice on finding suitable memory for my old iMac and to ask if he could install it. He was extremely helpful, despite the low value of the likely transaction, and said he would put in the memory for £5. As it happened, I did the job myself, but I was impressed by the can-do helpful attitude.

Russell also recommended nearby Yoyo Tech (30 Windmill Street, also off Tottenham Court Road, 087-1855 3380) which turned out to have a bit of everything in the Mac memory line. The store was also very tidy, modern and inviting. It's nice to find good suppliers when you need them and I've made a note in my address book. 


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