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iPad keyboard dock: what we need for the iPhone


Apple-ipad-photos-pictures-tablet-17 That Apple introduced an external keyboard as part of the main iPad presentation is very telling. It proves that Apple realise the need for a faster, more tactile means of input. In the main, though, they are addressing prior concerns about the incompatibility of viewing and typing angles. What was not mentioned, of course, was the possibility of using this new keyboard dock with the iPhone. Ever since the iPhone was introduced there has been a demand for an external, possibly Bluetooth, keyboard. But at every stage Apple has blocked any hopes of such a device. Many people would have settled for the standard Apple Bluetooth keyboard, but the new version with the dock seems right in every respect. Without doubt the iPhone will fit the new keyboard; but will it work? I feel sure it will be made to work, unless Apple is bering very devious and hoping that the keyboard will be a unique selling point for the iPad only.


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