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Thoughts of Chairman Jobs: Steve briefs the staff


JobsAccording to Wired, Steve Jobs has been briefing Apple staff on his thoughts following the launch of the iPad. He apparently confirmed the new rivalry between Apple and Google, saying that Google want to kill the iPhone but they won't let them. And, in a broadside towards Adobe, he is reported to have told employees that Apple will not be using Flash for Mac; he prefers us to wait until the full implementation of HTML5.

Evidently he said that the next iPhone would be an "A+ upgrade" and that Apple will deliver aggressive updates to iPhone that Android/Google will not be able to keep up with. Also, the iPad is right up there with the iPhone and Mac as the most important products Jobs has been a part of. 

Lest we get too blinkered towards the iPad, it was also encouraging to hear that the new Macs for 2010 are going to "take Apple to the next level". Looks like we have an interesting year ahead. 


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