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Flash or not to Flash: Jobs’ lot


Since the launch of the iPad we have heard a lot about Adobe Flash Player and Apple's reluctance to enable it in the IPhone/iPad OS. There is no doubt that Flash is a processor hog and, personally, I do not miss it on the iPhone. But could I live without it on the MacBook Pro?

Well, I have experimented by turning off Flash Player and I can report that in the past three weeks the computer has been transformed. The fan noise is now unobtrusive and iStat reports much cooler processor temperatures. Battery life is improved and the overall speed of operation is faster. In fact, the only disadvantage is not being able to see Flash video on news sites. I can live without that and, of course, I can easily switch back to Flash if I really need it.

All in all, I have now decided to leave Flash disabled. I can now appreciate what Steve Jobs is on about. Why would I want something on my iPhone (or iPad) that would hog so much pocessor time and lead to lower battery life?

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