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iBookStore: Will Apple be too controlling for iPad’s good?


Great article today by David Gewirtz on ZDNet about the lessons Apple can learn from Amazon in the eBook market. David praises Amazon’s business model, in particular the opening of the Kindle eco-system to Macs, PCs, iPhones and other devices. Like me, David has a Kindle library but doesn’t own a Kindle: he reads the books on his iPhone. He suggests that a Kindle library is future-proof and, as I have mentioned many times, it doesn’t depend on just one device. He also praises Amazon’s open strategy where, in particular, even seconhand books are offered as an alternative when looking for a title. 

When it comes to Apple and the iPad, he voices his concern that Apple will wish to control its market too closely, perhaps even deciding to ban certain books if the subject matter isn’t to its liking. He contrasts Apple’s secretive, controlling methods with Amazon’s more open and communicative persona. I had a good giggle over his reference to Kim Il Jobs……

Read the full article here


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