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Savile Row suit for iPad: A case of cart before the horse


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While we unlucky punters in the UK are still waiting for delivery of our shiny iPads, thoughts can wander to cases and accessories. A good case is something the iPad really needs, for protection if nothing else. I always cringe when I see someone using a naked, totally vulnerable iPhone. And an unprotected iPad doesn't bear thinking about. 

But when it comes to cases I'm a bit of a connoisseur. I hate anything plasticky or ill-made and the fit has to be excellent. That's why I'm a fan of Piel Frama, the small Spanish leather company. Their iPhone clamshell cases, especially those with the magnetic clasp, are a joy to behold and a delight to use. 

When I saw the new Piel Frama case for the iPad it was a case of love at first sight. This looks the business and I've taken the risk and ordered one for delivery in mid-April, comfortably ahead of the iPad availability in London. I will be able to visualise my iPad, if not play with the machine itself.

This case is sheer quality, like a Saville Row suit, and I hope the iPad will fit as well, given that Piel Frama have probably not been trusted by Apple with an actual model. I've chosen the black leather because, from iPhone experience, the black bezel blends with the screen. The brighter colours, I fear, could detract from the viewing experience, but I'm very willing to be proved wrong. Black is safe. 

However, the alternative colours are really attractive. I dithered over whether to go for the tan. And I even considered the bright blue. Green and red, although very attractive, were not for me. 

Piel Frama is a relatively small business that provides a personal service. Only this week I was asked to order an iPhone case for a friend in Greece. It journeyed from Spain to Athens overnight and was delivered first thing in the morning. What better service could you ask for?  I will report more on my iPad case when I've taken delivery and slipped in the new toy. Price? €110, including international shipping. Not cheap but, I hope, worth every euro cent.


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