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iPhone the Trojan: The little horse with its bellyful of apps


Trojan horseCrunchGear refers to the iPad as Apple's Trojan Horse. That's as maybe, but surely the company's Trojan of all times is the iPhone? That diminutive beast with it's bellyful of mesmerising apps has done more for Apple than probably any device has wraught for it's creators in the history of computing. 

I'll wager now that Apple have sold more Macs and MacBooks on the back of the phone than anyone could imagine. The iPod was also highly significant for Apple, of course, but largely in creating general awareness of the brand. It is the iPhone that has introduced countless millions to the experience of Apple computing. From all observations, the world is well smitten.

The vast majority of iPhone (and iPod Touch) buyers are not Mac geeks, nor even passive Mac users: They are largely PC users. Who knows how many have turned their thoughts wistfully to a MacBook in the light of their positive experience with the little iTrojan?

That said, I don't dispute CrunchGear's view of the iPad. Over the next few weeks we will see it fly off the shelves in record numbers. First in line, as always, will be the geeks. But give it two or three months and Joe Public will be flaunting his iPad around the world, just as he's bored his way around the globe with his phone over the past three years. At least we can be sure that Troy isn't unsuspecting this time, given the amount of advance ballyhoo.


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