Home Tech Après iPad-day le déluge: WiFi reception complaints

Après iPad-day le déluge: WiFi reception complaints


Perfect mega launch, by all accounts, but there are early reports of problems with the WiFi receiver in the new iPad. TechCrunch reports this morning that discussion forums are brimming with complaints of weak wireless reception, particularly on home networks where other Apple products work well. I've had a skim through the Apple forums and there is a lot of traffic out there. Of course, if Apple really have sold 600,000 or 700,000 units in the first weekend it's not surprising that there are some problem units. Encouragingly, many forum contributors are confirming that they have experienced no problems. 

But the TechCrunch author, Michael Arrington, says that his new iPad is also showing reception problems. Other comments I've seen refer to the positioning of the antenna behind the Apple logo and the potential problem that an iPad lying flat on a desk or other surface could suffer weak reception. I have to say that I have often noticed weak wireless reception on my 3GS iPhone, despite strong signals on MacBook Pro and other devices. Let's hope this is a problem that can be fixed easily.


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