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iBooks for iPhone: How long to wait?



Author: Michael Evans

Every software developer worth his salt has been busy over the past fortnight churning out iPad-compatible versions of his iPhone app. But when will we see traffic in the opposite direction?

iBooks, would be a good start. 

As a keen ebook reader, I have a vested interest. I'm looking first and foremost to be able to read my purchases also on my iPhone. It is surely a mystery that Apple have not already announced such an app.

It would make so much sense for customers of the new iBookStore to have the confidence that they could read their purchases also on their iPhone or iPod touch. 

It makes more than just sense: it is an essential step if Apple seriously wishes to match Amazon. I have said this before, but it warrants repeating often: Synchronisation is the key. No matter how pretty the app, no matter how animated the page turns; without a competitor to Whispersync, Apple has a big problem. 

I am not alone when I say that I will not buy from Apple's bookstore until I can be sure of being able to sync (over MobileMe, for instance) with my phone. For the immediate future I shall continue to buy from Amazon because they offer the best package. Over to you, Apple.

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