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Security: iPad is NOT a laptop, can stay in bag


Author: Michael Evans

Good news from AppleInsider today: The iPad can stay in your bag through airport security. The announcement by the US Transportation Security Administration is comforting for travellers in the USA, but we still await the pronouncements from European and other world security authorities. From my own observations, rules change in Europe from week to week. When I travelled to Greece last week the security guy at London Heathrow said I could leave my MacBook Pro in the sleeve (though not in the bag). This is a first and a welcome development. But in Zurich they want the computer completely naked and in its own plastic tray. At Athens airport they not only want it naked, they ask for it to be opened while they prod the keys and stroke the back–for what purpose I know not. It's time we had some international agreement on this aspect–plus, of course, the recognition that the iPad is NOT a laptop and can be treated in the same way as the iPhone or an iPod touch. If this proves not to be the case, then surely logic dictates that every smartphone must be taken out of the bag and laid in an individual tray.


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