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iPad: “Such a great travel companion I’m selling my laptop”


No sooner do I put down my doubts about the iPad in my digital live (yesterday in MacFilos) I find someone else who takes a much more positive view. Joel Johnson, writing in Gizmodo, says he's so pleased with his iPad as a travelling companion that he's selling his laptop:

"…I returned from this trip convinced that this form factor (the tablet) has legs. Since I have a power-guzzling traditional computer on my desktop to do all the heavy lifting when I'm at home, I don't see a place for my laptop in my life right now. I had an inkling that might have been the case when I bought my iPad, but I had to take a leap of faith to be sure."

So go on, say it: I've been too hasty in expressing my doubts. Maybe I should wait a while and get more used to the thing. Right. I'm off again on Friday for five days in furthest Europe so I will take my own leap of faith and travel again with the iPad and without a laptop. Expect garbled blogs, but this all in the interests of finding out the truth.


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