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iPad AppStore: Open to the world, but where is iBooks, Pages?


This morning, eight days ahead of the launch of the iPad on world markets, Apple unlocked the door to the iPad AppStore. I've already had a quick browse through the long list of items, some of them familiar from iPhone days, but many new ones that I'm anxious to try. Perhaps this fillip to the iPad experience will help convince me that the new device has a place in my life. 

Notably absent, as far as I can see, are Apple's own apps – iBooks, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I wonder why? I was looking forward to downloading Numbers, in particular, in readiness for my departure to Greece tomorrow – with iPad, sans MacBook. 


  1. My God, you are brave! Heading off to your Aegean island without a computer? I am impressed – I think – given what you said about writing your blog on an iPad the other day.

    As I remarked, perhaps the solution to your blogging problems with the iPad is to have two of them, and sort of WiFi things from one to the other as you need them?

    Or, if in the end you decide that the iPad doesnt really fit into you electronic life you might think about the linux/Android based Entourage Edge…. seems to me to be a device that would meet all your needs, even if it isnt an Apple… LOL


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