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Apple: Another two weeks of feverish anticipation


Tomorrow's launch of the iPad in world-wide markets will bring yet another frenzy of media attention, capping a remarkable five months of almost constant announcements and revelations. In ten days' time we expect the launch of the new generation iPhone – the much-leaked model – and the introduction of the iPhone fourth-generation operating system. Crucially, this new OS will be available to the millions of existing iPhone users (although not all features will work on the original phone), thus increasing the feel-good factor and serving as an encouragement to upgrade a two- or three-year-old phone.

All this comes against a backdrop of booming iPhone and iPad sales, increasing Mac sales and news that Apple Inc has eclipsed Microsoft as the world's biggest technology company. This sort of success feeds on itself. Tens of millions who would never have considered an Apple product have been drawn into Cupertino's net by the iPod but, more significantly by the iPhone. They have had their first taste of the Apple way of doing things and, clearly, they like what they get. Satisfied iPhone users, as I know from personal experience with friends and colleagues, are now considering a Mac computer because they feel comfortable with the company and its products. 


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