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Bumper: Do we need a full-cover case?


500x_bumperFor the first time, Apple are marketing a case for the iPhone. The so-called "Bumper" case appears to be a minimalist design to protect the edges while leaving the glass front and back unprotected. It raises the question as to whether we really need a padded, full-enclosure case. I've always felt a substantial case necessary, despite the added bulk and weight.

But the Apple iPad case, which is very thin and very minimalist, has started to change my mind. I did buy a large, rather bulky leather case for the iPad but, since I changed to the Apple case, I'm reluctant to go back. I suspect the same might be the case with the new iPhone and the Bumper case.

If Apple are right about the strength and protection of the new glass front and back, there may actually be no need to cover those large surfaces. It will certainly be great to be able to take full advantage of the new model's svelte shape. (Acknowledgement to MacRumors.com for the photograph)


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