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For Sale: MacBook Pro 15.4in, late 2008


My much-cherished 15.4in MacBook Pro is for sale. It is in pristine condition and is the late-2008 unibody model (with removable battery), model identifier MacBookPro 5,1. Specification includes 2.8 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 4GB RAM and a fast 7,200 rpm 320GB disk. It is also fitted with an SD card adaptor in the Express card slot. Although it comes with Leopard OS disks, Snow Leopard is installed from my family pack. This is ok unless you need to reinstall, in which case you'd need to buy the latest OS (currently £25). AppleCare is included to November 2011.

Readers will recall that I recently purchased a 13in MacBook Pro because of its greater portability, so now the 15.4in model is surplus.

Price, including one spare battery (value £99), is £975. Collection is possible from west London, otherwise I can cost overnight delivery within the UK and let you know. I do not wish to sell abroad because this complicates things. If you are interested contact me at michael.evans@macfilos.com.


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