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iPhone 4 Reception: Much ado about a little something


Overview-facetime-20100622Tomorrow, at 6 pm London time, Apple are to hold a face-to-face with the technical press which is confidently predicted to concern the furore over iPhone 4 reception. We're likely to get the nuclear option: Steve Jobs at the microphone.

I've followed the mountains of coverage over the past few days but, since I haven't yet been get hold of an iPhone 4, can't experience the alleged signal loss. Nevertheless, some experts are saying that it is a real problem, although it is shared with almost all phones. If you hold them in a certain place the signal is degraded.

This problem is being jumped on with glee by all the Apple nay-sayers out there. There is undoubtedly a problem, but I suspect it is nothing that cannot be addressed satisfactorily and it is unlikely to dampen demand for the new device. We will have to see what Apple comes up with. I'm sure they are doing the right thing by calling an instant press conference and explaining the issue in detail. Over the past week they have been accused of denying the problem and making light of it, so let's hope tomorrow's event is factual and helpful. 

As an aside, I have now had an iPhone on order for delivery to my local Apple Store for 17 days with no sign of an appearance. In fairness, they did quote "three weeks" so they have another four days to go. Unfortunately for me, I am out of the country for several weeks so will now miss the delivery even if the phones do arrive. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that deliveries are on hold pending the solution to the on-going reception issue.


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