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Accounts: Moneydance gets iOS sync with desktop


Moneydance is my favourite personal accounts package for Mac, Windows and Linux. It just got a whole lot better thanks to a syncing iPhone and iPad application making it easy to keep tabs on your finances while out and about. 

The desktop Moneydance application is a rock-solid system that appeals to professional accountants as well as beginners. It isn't necessary to have any accountancy experience or understanding to get the best out of it, but those users who understand the principles of bookkeeping will appreciate the depth and thought that has gone into the product – including the provision of proper expense accounts instead of simply categories. It handles multi-currencies and investments well and I find that it does almost everything I need. My only criticism is that it isn't the prettiest and Mac-like of programs, but I willingly exchange this shortcoming for the sheer utility of the product.

The iPhone and iPad application is not intended to be stand-alone accounts package and it would be a mistake to download it for that reason. There are many better full-accounts packages from the AppStore, including one of my favourites, PocketMoney. No, the Moneydance app does the basics well. It stores all your transactions (with the exception of investments) and displays them for 30, 90 or 365 days, depending on how much you need. All the account balances are shown and you can edit or add transactions while on the hoof. When you get back to base, the application syncs via wifi with the desktop. You can even add some items on the iPad, some on the iPhone and all will be reconciled without fault or risk of duplication.

In just a few weeks this app, which I use mainly on my iPhone, has transformed the way I add transactions to my accounts system. Credit card bills, bank transactions, even cash expenditure, can be kept up to date throughout the day. I also appreciate the way it gives me up-to-date bank account and credit card balances at all times.

The desktop Moneydance application costs £28 or $40, plus local taxes, and can be downloaded (trial version to start with) here. The iPad/iPhone version is free from the AppStore.


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