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iPad: Non-ditchers come back fighting


My post reporting the Gizmodo article on the fading attractions of the iPad has brought a spirited defence from the opposing camp. Most people I've spoken to or heard from are enjoying the iPad experience and don't seem to worry about the size or weight. One of our regular readers, Paul Gauntlett, says he's had exactly the opposite experience to me: "I'm loving my iPad and using it more and more instead of Mac or iPhone. Personally I would not want it any smaller."

This is a fair view and underlines that everyone has different requirements. Apple almost certainly chose the bigger screen and size in order to make maximum impact and gain the sort of mass coverage enjoyed since the launch. A smaller, say seven-inch, device would have been seen as a slightly larger iPhone or iPod touch and probably would not have caught the imagination to anything like the same degree. From all accounts, by early next year there will be two sizes so those like me can choose a smaller iPad. 

There's no doubt, though, that the current absence of iOS4 on the iPad is a major disadvantage, particularly for the millions who also own an iPhone with the new operating system. This will change in the autumn (soon, probably at the rumoured September "media event") and I'm sure it will put new life into the bigger pad. Meanwhile, the queues remain and there is absolutely no sign of a slackening of interest in the iPad. 


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