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iPod touch: Bright spark in underwhelming presentation


Normally when Steve Jobs stands on stage I'm hanging on every word and finding lots to rejoice about. Not so with last week's media show. I don't think I'm alone in finding it underwhelming. The new iPods are nice but not on my radar; I'm happy listening to music and podcasts on my phone and don't see any point in carrying yet another device. I don't really see the point of the new Apple TV. I've had the original since day one and, frankly, make very little use of it. However, I quite like the prospect of being able to rent tv shows and, for what it costs, I will probably buy the new device just for that. Content is all important, though, and it will be interesting to see what Apple serves up for viewers in the UK. So far, all we've heard about is US content.

The bright spot of the presentation was the announcement of the new iPod touch. This little device is the future. It now does everything the iPhone does (except make cellular phone calls) and does it in a sleeker, lighter format. With the two cameras and the new retina display, it is a very desirable gadget for anyone. Even I am tempted, although rationally I can't justify yet another device between the iPhone and the iPad. Anyone who prefers to have a very simple phone for calls – and there are many people who don't want everything in one device – the iPod touch is an ideal additional accessory for handling media, emails and running all the iOS4 apps. 

I think of the iPod touch as a mini iPad. Not only is it supposed to be a superb gaming machine (I don't do games, so can't comment) it gives access to all the excellent productivity apps and is also an fine book reader in a small package. About the only thing missing is a micro-SIM slot for data rather than phone calls. But then, I suppose, the added baggage of 3G antenna and supporting electronics would defeat the object; we would end up with an iPhone.


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