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Kindle: Amazon ad glares at iPad


Amazon’s new television advertisement highlighting glare on the iPad screen is a curious development. Surely the iPad is not a competitor of the Kindle? I suspect almost nobody buys an iPad to use simply as a book reader. Reading on the iPad is a bonus. The glare question – which is overrated in any case – is not a major factor in decision making.

Currently I’m assessing the new Kindle as a book-reading device against the iPad and iPhone. One thing is clear already: for every instance of glare on the iPad screen, there are half a dozen moments when the Kindle screen needs more light. Unless you have strong natural or artificial light, the Kindle’s e-ink display is tiring.

It seems that both e-ink and backlit LDC have their pros and cons; neither is absolutely perfect. Perhaps Amazon should avoid throwing stones in the glass house, especially when it is totally unnecessary because the devices are absolutely not competitors.


  1. I couldnt agree more…. Makes no sense to run down the product of another company in order to place yours in a better light (no pun intended).And as you say, in reality they are only marginally competitors in the ereader market.Amazon would do better to concentrate their ads on the positive aspects of their product (3G, ease of buying and installing books and so on) and leave the iPad firmly out of their ads….


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