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Mission Control comes to Lion, the next OS X upgrade


155032-lion-camerashot_original Lion it is, and we will have it from next summer. At today's press conference we were told that Lion would mark the convergence of OS X with iOS4, with many of the popular features of the iPhone and iPad being introduced to the Mac. First innovation is a Mac App Store to provide an easier way to buy and keep apps updated. It will work just like the iOS App Store and developers will take their 70% while Apple snaffles 30%. I can see some established Mac developers having a few misgivings about this, but I think they will see the benefits in greater sales once buying and choosing Mac programs is more straightforward and enjoyable. The good news, too, is that the Mac App Store will come within 90 days as part of the current Snow Leopard OS. 

We will have to wait until summer for the other new features of Lion. I was pleased to see the increased emphasis on productivity by merging Spaces and Expose into one new feature called Mission Control. I've never really got to like Spaces and Expose but I am looking forward to trying the new features.  


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