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Steve Jobs & Thomas Edison & Alexander Graham Bell


Steve Jobs has been named "CEO of the Decade" by MarketWatch as reported in MacRumors this morning. Here is the full story from MarketWatch. The article quotes Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies, a technology-industry think tank: "(the resurrection of Apple) is on par with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham in terms of total impact."

MarketWatch says that Steve is known as both mercurial and visionary, part rock-star CEO and part master salesman, a meticulous micromanager who can drive his employees to distraction – and one of the most important figures in American industry in the past half-century. He revolutionised handheld devices and touch-screen technology with the iPhone. And he may well usher in a post-PC era of computing with his latest gadget, the iPad.

"The resurrection of Apple is just the most astounding story that's probably happened in at least a decade – you might be able to go further and say it's a half-century," says Kay.

MW says that Jobs has driven Apple to the top of the heap in technology. The company ranks No. 1 in the sector in market capitalisation at $285 billion. "That's greater than longtime rival Microsoft Corp, whose value today stands at around $220 billion. Investors who plunked down $1,000 on Apple stock at the end of 2000 would have seen it grow to nearly $43,000 by the end of the decade."

So now we know.


Disclosure: MacFilos holds stock in Apple, Inc.



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