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Statistics: Apple, Amazon and Samsung play the game


Apple have a reputation for openness when it comes to sales statistics. We know how many iPhones or iPads are sold in a given quarter and we can make useful assumptions and comparisons. Amazon, on the other hand, put out vague press releases comparing apples with pears without actually giving us any facts.

Now along come Samsung with their Galaxy Tab figures. Previously they had claimed two million sales. This seemed fair enough, although I must say I've never seen one in the wild – just a few isolated examples in stores. Now they've disclosed that the two million figure relates to trade deliveries and not consumer purchases. The number of Galaxy Tabs in users' hands is apparently relatively modest, although we are given no firm figures.

On my travels and wanders about London and other cities I see iPads everywhere, but nary a single Galaxy. In fact, I cannot recollect having seen any tablet other than an iPad in use.  The success of the iPad has been so rapid and so universal that the rest of the industry is still struggling to catch up. I find this quite remarkable.


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