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iPad fan slinks off and buys a Samsung Tab


There can hardly be a bigger iPad fan than our correspondent in Washington, Ralf Meier. We both got our iPads on the first day of availability in DC and while my enthusiasm has waned (aided by a good dose of 11in Air) his has bloomed. Hardly a day goes by without more praise for the iPad as bookreader, web browser and emailer. I was surprised, therefore, to hear that he has actually bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab, no doubt attracted by the lighter, slimmer 7-in format. Second thoughts are occurring, though: 

"It pains me to say this, but I now agree with Steve Jobs that a 7-in format will not work well in a tablet. Websites regard it as a mobile device and send their smartphone versions instead of the lavish editions we're used to on the iPad. Full websites just do not display properly on the smaller screen. 

"Furthermore, I do not understand what all the hullabaloo is with Android. I find it awkward and rather un-intuitive. It is also considerably slower than iOS on the iPad. The Android OS might work for mobile phones, but is currently lacking as a system for computers. The Tab does sport a regular SIM card and micro-SD card, but why not both in micro format? 

"I bought my iPad as a laptop replacement and have been very happy with it. It does everything I want brilliantly and it has been all over the globe and served me well. Somehow, after a few days' experience, I doubt that the Galaxy Tab can do that for me: it is just too small and slow for that.

"Incidentally, AT&T were 'kind enough' to unlock the unit right in the store. I did however threaten them with cancelling all my other AT&T accounts if they refused.

Apple iPad-Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Ralf's new Galaxy Tab meets good ol' faithful iPad

"As an ereader the Tab is fine. It's about as small as I would tolerate for reading, although I know Michael loves reading on his iPhone I find that just too small.

"So there you have it. I will stick with the Galaxy a bit longer and see if it grows on me. But maybe I'm just too Apple-centric and I will probably go back with my iPad and look forward to iPad2 later this year."

Watch out eBay, there could be another Galaxy coming your way.



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