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Bingo: A stand-up computer keeps you young


Playing bingo, going to dinner with friends and attending church can halve the chances of becoming frail in old age, according to a report from the Rush University in Chicago. I’m sure all this helps, but what about getting on a computer and expanding your collection of Facebook friends? I’ve long held the view that using a computer, even if it is only for email and the occasional Skype-in, is an excellent means of keeping the mind active in old age.

And before I’m accused of encouraging pensioners to sit down all day, let me suggest they build a standing desk. They’d be in good company with tech writers such as Ben Brooks and Liam Cassidy (not that either is in the senior category of course) who are enthusiasts for the new craze of standing up while they work.

Standing at a desk with a computer’s view of the world surely beats bingo, that is if you can cope with the varicose veins.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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