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GTD: Evernote, Springpad as project manager?


One of the problems of tech blogging is that most of us cannot resist trying something new and then writing about it. Anything that comes across my radar with the magical GTD (Getting Things Done) acronym just has to be investigated. So when I received an email from Springpad––the new rival to Evernote–– my whiskers were twitching. I had never considered Evernote to be a project manager with pretensions to rival, say, OmniFocus or Things but I’m willing to be proved wrong.

Customised GTD

Have a look at these systems described by two Springpad enthusiasts, Marcel Chaudron and Dan Gold. I’m almost persuaded. Such a lot of what we handle these days is in the form of web pages and documents that there’s a logic in using applications such as Evernote and Springpad as the basis of a GTD setup. In fact, you could also use DevonThink Pro (which I use as a powerful archival and retrieval tool for my paperless office) for project management if you put your mind to it.

The problem with GTD is that there’s always a BGTD (better way of getting things done) and I am continually sidetracked by the tantalising prospect of something easier, more effective or more attractive. If I’m honest with myself, I sometimes spend too much time devising and planning systems instead of actually getting things done. It’s a failing most of us suffer from at times.

Jury out

While I don’t intend to set up Springpad or Evernote as my main GTD system, I’ve learned a lot from Marcel’s and Dan’s posts. They help clarify the mind.

Incidentally, while on the subject of Springpad and Evernote, I am still pondering which I prefer. I’ve been a long-time user of Evernote and, with it’s local storage and sync with iOS apps, it is a reliable and quick place to store all sorts of information. But it looks a bit old fashioned these days and that’s where Springpad comes in––new, bright, more visual. I find Springpad is often slow because it is entirely web based, so I am by no means convinced. I will continue to use both for a few more months before deciding to ditch Evernote. The jury is out.

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