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OmniFocus: iPhone app is past its sell-by date


At the end of last year I reviewed 2Do a powerful project manager for iOS devices that came to challenge my reliance on OmniFocus. I’m still hooked on 2Do and have come to rely on it as an iPhone contact manager. The ability to drill down from a task to contacts, to make phone calls and send text messages from within the application is a winner as far as I am concerned. It is a pretty, well-designed and stable task manager and basic project manager that will keep many people happy.

That said, I cannot rely entirely on 2Do because there is no similar OS X application. Instead, 2Do synchronises via MobileMe with iCal (and, in my case, BusyCal). There, task management is sketchy and basic; and project management non-existent. It just doesn’t pass muster.

I find myself in limbo between OmniFocus, which I love and which remains my power manager for projects, and the attractive and fun 2Do which is ideal for managing stuff when out of the office.

OmniFocus does of course have iOS apps which synchronise well with the desktop system. But while the iPad version of OmniFocus is wonderful––certainly the best implementation of OF on any platform––the iPhone app is tired, drab and uninspiring, not to mention awkward to use. It hasn’t changed dramatically in appearance or functionality since the early days of the iPhone and it is now well past its sell-by date.

Apart from a design refresh, what OF for iPhone needs is a contact management system to rival that found in 2Do: it needs the ability easily to make phone calls and send messages directly from within a task. And similar capabilities would also be welcome in the OS X version, I might add.



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