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Rumours: New MacBook Pros for end of next week?


For several weeks there have been hints of updated MacBook Pros to hit the market in March. Yesterday we read further rumours, this time originating from Italy, claiming that there will be five new Pros spanning the three sizes, 13in, 15in, 17in. They even quote the order numbers. Whatever transpires, it seems clear that something is going to happen early in March.

We already know that the centrepiece of the announcement will be the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors but there are conflicting views on whether we will see any bodywork changes. The MacBook Airs have such a tremendous success that it is widely believed that a new slimmer appearance and some of the features, such as more emphasis on SSD drives and deleting of the optical drive on the smaller machines, will be introduced.

It seems to me that the advent of the 13.2in MacBook Air has almost rendered the similar-footprint MacBook Pro redundant. It will be interesting to see how sales of the heavier model are holding up against the new lightweight. In time, I fully expect, the 13.2in Air will replace the Pro.

Source (in relation to the Italy rumours): MacRumors

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