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Minimalism: Tiny connectors for tiny bags and tidy minds


For two years or so I have been using a couple of mini iPhone connector cables which I bought from Radtech in the USA for $7.95 each. Yet despite rigorous searches I have failed miserably to unearth a similar supplier for shortie cables in the UK. I have wanted USB Mini-B and Micro-B connectors no more than 4in in length for ages.

Happy I was, therefore, to find this little kit of three USB cables from Griffin on sale at Apple stores (£19.95). The trio all have the standard USB at one end while one has the Apple 30-pin dock connector and the others sport, respectively, USB Mini-B and USB Micro-B.

USB Cable Kit 1

The Micro is fast becoming universal and is the new European standard phone connector. It works with many devices including the Kindle reader. Mini-B, which is slightly thicker, can still be found on many devices including my HyperMac Micro backup battery and the MiFi mini router. All three cables are 4in long, including the connectors–about the same as the Radtech connectors I have been using. 

With this kit of mini cables you can further reduce the size of the accessory pouch you need when travelling. Soon I'll have to trade in my Tom Bihn 11-in Ristretto for something even smaller.

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