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Mac -v- Windows: Just a sideshow in the digital revolution


If you want an insight into what's happening in the digital world you can't do better than read David Sparks on Macsparky.com. Today he has posted an important overview of where we are going in the digital revolution. No longer is it simply a matter of Windows versus Mac, most of us are now happily using more than one operating system every day. The old battles are based on desktop computers; now the world has opened up to a whole range of systems. Data portability is now paramount. Here's a taster and I'd recommend you read the article.

"We are on the verge of something remarkable with our data. Simple data portability is here and it is killing the stranglehold of any one software developer over our digital toolbelts. This option-rich environment is letting people build their own workflows. For a change, the machines are working for us. How did we get here?"

Read the full article here.


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