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BlogSpam: How to keep yourself amused


I'm really not sure if I'm doing you a favour or not by filtering out blog spam. The stuff these people (or maybe these bots) come up with is often hilarious nonsense, almost certainly in pidgin English (which is not surprising given the Chinese source of most spam) and I feel I am depriving you.

Occasionally these guys get ahead of themselves such as:

How fun! I linked to this on last weekend's weekly roundup and am just now getting around to letting you know. (I guess we were busy celebrating Easter!) Thanks so much for sharing!

They must mean last Easter unless they're on the Julian calendar. Or how about this irrelevancy:

I might truly wish to see your fridge as well. Ours continually seems to be like a bomb went off in it! We have been accomplishing a kitchen remodel so I have to have every one of the help I can get with organization. I'm also enthusiastic about the best way to organize kitchen pantry. Like your website!

or this apple polishing which they imagine could get them past the censor:

MacBook Air is lucky enough to be selected by Apple Company. Apple has now served millions of people around the world by selling out their products in millions of stores worldwide. Apple together with iPhone is an important gadget playing in the life of the people.

Sometimes, though, it's just plain gibberish with nary a trace of the elegant Lorem Ipsum

Potential Finance,neighbour within win in software define explore due civil lay out state thank way certainly advance collect behind danger high travel religious cos expectation train down issue usual see almost need really approach talk famous estate together last activity intend nod interpretation significant garden enjoy launch investigation nose wonderful etc

Invariably these gems of comments include a helpful hyperlink which takes you direct to their on-line store where they can attempt to flog you rip-off designer gear from Coach, Ugg and others. I'm almost sorry I don't publish them.

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