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ebooks: Silver surfers turning in droves to digital


Older people are embracing new technology in ever greater numbers and ebook readers are winning converts even among people who would think of themselves as technophobes. I’ve seen this among my friends and noticed more older people out and about with electronic readers. Now comes confirmation in the form of a survey in the UK by Silver Poll. Six percent of over-55s own an e-book reader, compared with only five percent in the 18-24 age group, according to the survey.

William Higham, Silver Poll’s managing director, said: “The over-50s are a vital part of any publisher’s audience. They are typically heavy book readers, and up until now they were staunchly traditional in their attitudes to reading. But these new figures show that they are beginning to embrace the electronic book.” Almost half the silver readers owned the Kindle (47 percent) while 31 percent were iPad fans and only 14 percent preferred the Sony Reader.

Sources: Irish Independent, The Daily Telegraph,

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