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Kindle: The Girl who Kicked the Publishers in the Googles


The electronic reader continues to forge ahead with up to 15 percent of all book sales in the US in electronic form. In the UK, Harry Potter publishers Bloomsbury saw ebook sales grow 18-fold in 2010. As the ebook market grows we will see a revolution in publishing and distribution with the old order increasingly replaced by the new. Self-publishing is about to take off, cutting out the middleman.

One author, Amanda Hocking, is said to be making millions from self-publishing her works through Kindle. She’s selling 100,000 copies a month, at no more than $3 a pop, and keeping 70 percent of the proceeds. According to Business Insider, out of the 25 best-selling indie Kindle writers, only six were previously involved with a publishing house: “Welcome to the new era, the one that scares traditional publishers to death and will make the world better for writers and readers alike.”

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