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iPad 2: Tablet market in turmoil as Apple shock competitors


The fallout from Wednesday’s iPad 2 launch continues to swirl. The Apple bloggers love it, as you would expect, but the usual doomsayers are raising their heads to suggest it isn’t good enough, it does’t have this, it doesn’t have that. They fail to understand that it has enough, enough to keep Apple top of the pile for at least another twelve months. In retrospect, Steve’s presentation this week was a masterpiece. No one has summed up the scale of this achievement more succinctly than veteran Mac commentator Andy Ihnatko, who writes for the Chicago Sun-Times and appears in countless podcasts. He is quite convinced of the effect Thursday’s launch will have on the tablet market in 2011:

“Apple’s iPad 2 rollout was such an aggressive — and successful — demonstration of dominance that I wonder if there will be a follow-up effect on the upcoming tablet marketplace. Many manufacturers were poised at the starting line in the weeks before the iPad 2’s original announcement. The dazzling nature of the iPad, plus its $499 price tag, delayed the release of the first true iPad-class device until just a couple of weeks ago.

“Now, all of these companies have the iPad 2 to deal with. And oh, goatspit: the price of every iPad 2 is the same as its predecessor … including the $499 16 gig WiFi-only model. I wouldn’t be shocked if some high-profile manufacturers take full advantage of the fact that they never actually promised a ship date for their Android tablets.”

You can read a full rundown on the iPad launch and Andy’s comments in his S-T column.

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