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Tube Map: Reworked plan, hours of fun for Londoners


I'm grateful to Pocket-Lint for discovering Tom Carden's wonderful interactive re-work of the familiar London tube map. Harry Beck's 1930s design is a masterpiece of functionality and has been copied throughout the world for metro systems.

As a route planner it is without equal, but as a guide to the actual layout of London it's a disaster. Stations that appear to be within kissing distance can actually be far away, while those that look far could be just around the corner.

Tube map for 21st century 0

Tom's rework is based on time to travel from any particular station and the map readjusts itself to the time perspective of someone starting from that station. It's a wonderful concept, although still in planning stage, and will provide hours of innocent fun for any Londoner or visitor.

The site is still at the planning stage and Tom is looking for useful input and suggestions. He already has a list of improvements he'd like to see, so you can also get involved.

If you'd like to have a go yourself, check in to Tom's site: Travel Time Tube Map.


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