Home Tech iPad 2: Back in the fold as new 64GB 3G pad arrives

iPad 2: Back in the fold as new 64GB 3G pad arrives


After six months of padlessness, I’m now back in the fold. My new thinny iPad 2 64GB 3G arrived yesterday and was ceremoniously unboxed. Everyone else has gone through it in detail, so you don’t need any further information from me. Just that I like it. Now I need a Smart Cover and will have to pay a visit to my nearest Apple Store. 

One thing that always impresses is the smooth set up of an Apple iOS device. The backup from my old G1 iPad—from last October when I sold it—was restored quickly and, of course, all the apps I had previously bought had been updated during the last six months. It was a speedy and painless inauguration and all I had to do was move around my icons to get the home screen I wanted (my last iPhone was sold before folders, multi-tasking and all the benefits of iOS 4.2).

Now, over the next few weeks, I aim to find out how the iPad will slot back into my digital life, particularly since I now have a new kid on the block in the form of my 11in MacBook Air. It doesn’t seem sensible to carry both around with me every day, so some compromises and allocation of duties will have to be worked out.


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