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MobileMe woes continue, password problems on one computer only


My MobileMe woes didn’t end last week when I was quick to praise Apple Discussions for speedy help. You may recall I was getting frequent requests for the MM password and a number of data conflicts, but only on one of my Macs, the 13in MacBook Pro. The 11in Air was working and continues to work as normal.

I did everything suggested in the Discussions thread, and have since repeatedly resynced and replaced all the data on the MacBook Pro with the cloud version stored at MobileMe. For a day or two I’ve experienced no problems but then, out of the blue, the same errors crop up again. I suspect it is nothing to do with MobileMe but a keychain problem on the MacBook Pro.

However, I’ve replaced the keychain with the server version (which is synced with the MacBook Air and seems to have no problems) and this doesn’t help.  This is now a wits’ end job and I am seriously considering a reinstallation of OS X, perhaps an archive and restore. The only problem is that restoring the data could trigger the same problems. More on this when I find a solution.

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