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Cloud Storage: And the winner is Dropbox


Lifehacker’s Adam Dachis has reviewed three cloud storage options—Windows Live SkyDrive, Amazon’s new Cloud Drive and our old favourite, Dropbox. Strangely, there’s one significant player absent from this particular party, MobileMe but we are expecting major news on Apple’s sync service in the next few months. Maybe it will eventually beat the rest.

The article makes fascinating reading and I’m pleased to see that Dropbox, despite the price, is the winner. Dropbox has become the de facto sync medium for hundreds of iOS and Mac apps and is building an unassailable lead in this specialised area. What’s more will keep all your devices in sync, which differentiates it from a simple backup system, and it provides aTime Machine-like ability to go back to previous versions of files in the event of calamity.

It also benefits from its ability leave an identical copy of your data on all your Macs, thus providing a further level of security. If you commit all your data to Dropbox, as I do, it removes the need for physical off-site backup, although the prudent operator will always keep at least two on-site copies for quicker access and easier restore in the event of disk failure.


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