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Vodafone: Strange case of 1GB iPhone data usage on one day


Last autumn I changed my iPhone contract from O2 to Vodafone. I now have a 1GB monthly data limit compared with the 500MB I had with O2. My main motivation for change, though, was Vodafone’s cheaper roaming charges and daily bundles. Throughout four years with O2 I have never exceeded 250MB data usage in a month, so I felt confidence in the new higher limit.

I was therefore surprised to find I had gone over the 1GB in February and had incurred a supplementary charge. I could see no less than 1.2GB was used in one day in mid-February. When I checked, I realised I was on a plane that day and didn’t even have the Vodafone SIM in my phone until late in the evening. For the previous two weeks I had used a Greek SIM so there was no question of a late charge.

Naturally I queried this with Vodafone but they were unhelpful. They said it was impossible to check where or how the data had been used. I am not prepared to accept this explanation and I worry that such large amounts of data can appear from nowhere. As you know, 1.2GB is an unfeasible amount of data for an iPhone in a single day, even if I downloaded the odd movie, which I didn’t.

It isn’t acceptable for a service provider to claim ignorance. They must be able to check where the usage took place, at least, and provide some reasonable explanation. Otherwise we are handing them a blank cheque. More on this when I get the next reply.


  1. My 13 years old girl's phone got just suspended from using more than 2.03gb and i got charged $2400 for her phone bill. The virgin customer service told me she used all the excess data on one day that she stayed home all day.Her phone uses tpg internet for home while she is at home and her plan was to use 1gb per month. Is it possible? I have the history for the day. all she did is facebook, tumbler and youtube for around 3hours.

  2. Sorry to hear this. It is all too common and I am afraid that it IS possible to use 2GB after an hour or two watching YouTube videos. Having said that, a surcharge of $2,300 sounds excessive. I am in the UK and I believe I would pay £15 ($23) for a Gigabyte over my 1GB allowance. Maybe you should check the small print on the contract.


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