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MacBook Air: Incase sleeve works well with Tom Bihn Ristretto


Since the new MacBook Airs hit the market last year there has been a distinct shortage of cases and sleeves. Now the new offerings are hitting the shelves and I picked up an Incase 11in Sleeve Plus to protect the laptop. It fits perfectly into the laptop compartment of the Tom Bihn Ristretto and adds more protection.

Made of neoprene with a faux-fur interior, the slipcase is pillowcase style with a flap which pulls over the edge of the computer and gives a snug fit. It doesn’t add much weight and lacks the bulk of other cases, particularly the leather, zipped sleeves. If you normally carry your computer in a bag such as the Ristretto, you really don’t need bulk or extra pockets for accessories.

Some reviewers on the Apple store complain that this case lacks a zip. To me, that’s an advantage, having once damaged the corner of a MacBook Pro with a slipcase zip. The only zippered sleeves I would tolerate are those from Tucano which have an interior flap to protect the aluminium. The Incase offering, though, is minimalist and does the job well.


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