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Phone or tablet stays unlocked on home network, Android only


How many times a day do you have to enter the unlock code on your iPhone or iPad? It’s a nuisance, but unfortunately a necessary nuisance. The thought of losing an unlocked device containing all your personal information is terrifying. I know that experts can get round the phone lock, but the fact is that few thieves bother and simply do a reset before selling on.

Until this morning, though, I’d never wondered how many times I have to enter the lock code while I’m at home, working or relaxing. Too often, I decided. Now there’s an answer, but sadly only for Android fans at the moment. A new app, Unlock With WiFi, disables the phone or tablet lock while the device is connected to your home network. It’s such a good idea that I expect it won’t be long before we see this for iOS, always providing it is technically possible.

Those paranoid about security will be concerned that a burglar could access the data while in range of the wireless router, but I suspect few thieves are going to sit down and go through an iPhone or iPad before getting out of the house. And, once out, the phone will lock.

I can’t wait for an iOS app that replicates the Android app. And every time I key in that lock code I’ll be counting from now on.

Source: Lifehacker


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