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Instapaper Beyond adds shortcuts, enhances reading experience


Fans of Instapaper—and everyone in the blogging world is a fan, as far as I can see—will love Instapaper Beyond, a new Safari extension produced by Brett Terpstra. the guy responsible for nvAlt, the great enhancement to Notational Velocity, the best way of making quick notes on the Mac.

Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper, has kept the web interface simple—a place to read and enjoy all your news articles in clear, uniform text. Instapaper Beyond adds a range of simple keyboard shortcuts for manipulating the news items as you read them. You can move items to folders, share them by email or send them to other services such as Evernote or Delicious. Brett has included other enhancements under the hood to speed reading, including a choice of three autoscroll speeds, smooth scrolling, sequential paragraph highlighting and auto-loading of the next article when you read the end of the current one.

Instapaper Beyond, like nvAlt, is develped by Brett Terpstra in spare time from his full-time job. He’d welcome a small donation. If a piece of software is worth having, it’s worth paying for.


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